Variety of handmade platters designed by Tracy Pospeck. Available on the Sandalwood Pottery Etsy store.

This oversized platter is highly textured and was hand crafted by The Pottery Club owner & Artistic Director, Tracy Prospeck.

Hand shaped, multi-tonal platter. Designed by Tracy Prospeck. Shop or commission this item on the Sandalwood Pottery Etsy store.

Tracy's love of bold color is evident in this piece of mixed media art.

Tracy's designs are heavily inspired by nature and being outdoors. This beautiful birdhouse is one of her favorite creations.

This special owl was made with love. This piece takes hours to craft. Tracy makes these upon request.

These special mugs are part of the Monster Mash collection. These whimsical pieces all have a personality of their own and want to take on the qualities of the humans they interact with.

You can see the variety of the Monster Mash collection with these colorful, fun mini monsters!

The Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. The larger ones make for unique vases and decorative accents around the home.